The Princes of Serendip

I am so proud to introduce my very first picture book, The Princes of Serendip. It is available through the link below or on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Or, you can purchase a signed copy below.


The Princes of Serendip–Special COVID-19 offer!

Allyson will ship a softcover signed copy to you, within the continental US. To ship outside of the continental US, please email Allyson at


It is an amazing book to share with students to reinforce social-emotional learning goals, like the value of gratitude, kindness, and pride in hard work. It will also introduce students to the concept of serendipity. I have created an “Interactive Read Aloud” guide to use when reading The Princes of Serendip to your students that you can access here–> Interactive Read Aloud Guide, The Princes of Serendip