The Path to Serendipity

The Path to Serendipity

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All you need to do is move inch by inch towardthe person you want to become

A dream I never even dared to dream came true this spring! My book, The Path to Serendipity, was published by Dave and Shelley Burgess. It is basically my whole heart poured out into words on the page, and I hope you will love it!


Praise for The Path to Serendipity:

“As I get older, I’ve come to realize we often don’t experience enough rawness, vulnerability, and humanity on a daily bases with others. But, Allyson does exactly that. She bares her mistakes, owns the truth behind who she is, and allows us to see the beauty in all that we do, even if we don’t see it in our own life, at that particular time. The Path to Serendipity is a soul-searching adventure. Get ready to bloom as you discover some secrets to a better you and more fulfilling life.”

LaVonna Roth, creator and founder of Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.®, Tampa, Florida


“Whatever book, blog, or article you’re reading right now, put it down. You’re going to want to get your hands on this book and your eyes on every single page immediately. If you’re like me, and you’ve been told or felt that you were not enough at some point, this book will change your perspective and your life. The heart of this book focuses on learning from and growing through life’s many lessons, understanding behavior, trusting your path, controlling and owning your actions, finding true happiness each day, and learning how to live life serendipitously. Allyson includes “Serendipitous Lessons” at the end of each chapter as a call-to-action to get started with right away, and trust me, these lessons will change your perspective as both a parent and educator. Teaching is a team sport, and to be done well, educators need a support system and a true focus on putting relationships first. This begins with truly understanding ourselves in order to understand others.”

—Kayla Delzer, globally awarded teacher, author, CEO: Top Dog Teaching Inc.


“Throughout the chapters of this book, Allyson draws the reader in with her compassion and zeal for life. She shares practical ways to navigate circumstances handed to us without warning, as well as those we willingly chose. No matter your role or profession, the ‘seven truths to a happier life’ are sure to leave you nodding in agreement and intentionally placing each within your heart and mind to guide you through The Path to Serendipity.”

—Tara Martin, curriculum coordinator, Auburn Washburn Public Schools, Topeka, Kansas


“Be prepared to go on a journey with Allyson Apsey in her new book that is unlike anything you have experienced. You will discover new paths that will enrich and deepen your life with Allyson as your guide on The Path to Serendipity. Allyson’s words always inspire, uplift, and challenge. I have always yearned for a book by this true #EduHero, and Allyson has delivered in multitude of ways that will move and compel you to positive action. Imagine taking a long, fulfilling, and joyful walk with a friend as you read this book. Allyson’s story will stay with you and inspire to look at the world with a smile.”

—Sean Gaillard, principal, Lexington Middle School, author of The Pepper Effect


Allyson has written an amazing book that is totally different from anything I have ever read. She has a brilliant way of weaving interesting, relatable, funny, and touching stories with deep lessons. The Path to Serendipity takes readers on a journey of self-reflection and introspection, and is a joyful ride. Allyson gives us new perspectives and new strategies to crush boulders in our paths, to see the beauty that is around us every day, and to be our best selves for the people we love. This book is a must read for not just all educators but for all people looking to live more effective and happier lives, and for all people looking to help those around them live more effective and happier lives. From practical classroom strategies to ways to have a need-satisfying marriage, this book has it all. I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed every minute.

-Amber Teamann, Elementary Principal, Wylie, Texas


It is really something special – I love it!  I want to give copies to all of my friends. It is smart, genuine, clever, funny, and it touches my heart.

-Shelley Burgess, co-author of Lead Like a Pirate