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What vibe are you going for in 2022? Make a “New Year’s Playlist” rather than a resolution.

Four years ago I started making a “New Year’s Playlist” rather than a resolution. The playlist is associated with the vibe I want for the upcoming year. It is a living list–it will start with a few songs and will grow as I am inspired by songs I hear as I live out my vision for the year.

So, what is my vision for 2022? I am glad you asked! Here it is:

I am going to be a warrior in 2022, fighting for my own wellness, for our students, educators and families, and the health and happiness of those I love. A warrior. Watch out 2022.

I encourage you to check out the full post about making a New Year’s Playlist, but this snippet will give you the gist:

This year, I am trying something different. My New Year’s resolution will not be a goal. It will not be “one word”. If those strategies work for you, go for it. I admire people who can set goals for the new year and even remember them come March.

Instead, my New Year’s resolution will be a playlist of songs that reflect the values I will focus on this year–my “Person I want to be in 2018” playlist. Songs to be played when I am getting ready in the morning, when I am doing mundane jobs like the dishes, when I am exercising. I will make videos to these songs. I will play them on my JammyPack at school for staff and students. They will be etched into the fabric of my every day, helping to point me in the direction I want to go.

-Serendipity in Education; December 27, 2017

Reading this post makes me miss all the more, but maybe I will make some TikTok videos with my “Warrior” songs. My teenage sons can only hope. Here are a few songs that have already been added to my “Warrior 2022” playlist:

“Don’t Give Up on Me” by Andy Grammer

“Never Surrender” by Shangrii-La

“Superwoman” by Alicia Keys

“Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Mars


What vibe are you going to create for 2022? What songs will you add to your New Year’s Playlist? Do you have “Warrior” song suggestions for me? Share your ideas with me at #SerendipityEDU–I love being inspired by YOU! We are so much better together.

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2022!

Living life with a “Serendipity Mindset” does not mean pretending that everything is a happy accident. It means knowing that everything we go through, from our highest of highs to our lowest of lows, offers us beautiful gifts–IF we look for them. You can check out the #SerendipityEDU books out on Amazon by clicking HERE. Each book is filled with inspiration to help us discover the gifts in along life’s journey. With the addition of my newest book, a middle-grades chapter book called The Serendipity Journal, there is a book for every age level. There is no better time to start looking for happy accidents.

2 thoughts on “What vibe are you going for in 2022? Make a “New Year’s Playlist” rather than a resolution.”

  1. Once again, you have nailed it for what I am looking for! I am definitely going to share the 2022 playlist idea with my family. We are a family that connects strongly through our love of music. I love this idea and can’t wait to find out what my adult children come up with!

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