Here’s a Hug for YOU!

One of my main missions in life is to lighten the burdens of everyone I meet. Life is so very hard at times for every single one of us. If I can help lift life’s burdens for even a moment, I will.

I want to be a ray of sunshine for the people I see everyday, and for the cashier at the grocery store or the person I ride the elevator with.

My husband laughs at me when we are on the boat because I wave at nearly every boater we pass. I love taking advantage of any opportunity to make someone smile or to show them that there is hope in humankind.

This has been my mission for the majority of my life. I do admit that there was a period of time during my adolescent years when I was more like a dark stormy cloud than a ray of sunshine. I also admit that over the years I have learned to redefine what my mission looks like, and what it doesn’t.

I am learning to embrace the clouds of pain, sadness, and frustration as important moments. Without the lows we will never recognize the beautiful highs of life. It is also an important part of empathy–being a ray of sunshine does not mean denying that pain exists. Instead, feeling the lows with others helps lift their burden. We are not alone in pain, it exists for all of us. Even those who put a glossy image of perfection out there, they have moments of suffering just like we do.

I would love to hold the hand of every person in pain, I would love to celebrate every great joy with you. Publishing The Path to Serendipity has allowed me to provide some sunshine with everyone, has allowed me to share some of the wisdom others have taught me, and gave me an opportunity to talk about some of my own highs and lows.

The Path to Serendipity is like a hug from me to you.

I so enjoy seeing the impact the book is having on educators, from understanding how Glasser’s five basic needs affect our own behavior to CRAFT-ing need-satisfying classrooms. It was not expected, but I also enjoy hearing how The Path to Serendipity has positively impacted people outside of education and that it is truly a book for all people.

I so appreciate learning from your story, its like a hug from you to me! Keep sharing your connections and ideas at #Path2Serendipity. YOU are MY sunshine!

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