The Gift of Connecting and Learning at #MEMSPA17

What a joyful and inspiring gift to attend the MEMSPA Annual Conference this week! Over 450 elementary and middle school principals attended the conference alongside me, and I learned something from every school leader I connected with. Our organization is relationship-focused and dedicated to the hard work effective leaders need to do inside our schools, as professional learners ourselves, and within our state.

We are blessed with incredible leadership through @PaulLiabenow. Paul is wise, connected, brave, optimistic, and relational. With Paul at the helm of MEMSPA, the sky is the limit!

As I was reflecting on the conferences, I looked back at the #MEMSPA17 twitter feed and found so many tweets that reflect my biggest takeaways from the conference.

As my friend and colleague @Tom De Graff read all the accomplishments of our 2017-18 Principal of the Year, I was so inspired by the heart of a true leader who is willing to fight for what is right for our kids. Huge well-deserved congratulations to @CraigMcCalla.

A special note of gratitude goes to my #PrincipalsPlayhouse partner. I could not think of a better person to have beside me as we spread positivity and creativity while doing the hard work of being educators. Thank you @Jon_Wennstrom for being an amazing friend and colleague.

@AndrewSecor may have said it best in his blogpost:

“For me, it’s not about refreshing or rejuvenating, it’s about GROWING. If I’m going to spend a couple days out of the building, I have to get better, immediately.”

I cannot wait to get back to Quincy Elementary to implement new learning as I continue my pursuit to be the principal our staff, students and families deserve. #QuincyOn

If you are interested in reading about past MEMSPA State Conferences, check out these posts. Good news y’all, I didn’t fall this year. No promises on next year!

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