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Let Me Be Your Shield

Our hearts break when we hear about the challenges you face at home.

We see the sadness in your eyes and the slump of your shoulders.

It feels like there is nothing we can do to help you.

We can’t stop your mom and dad from fighting each night.
But we can hug you and say, “I am so happy you are here,” when you arrive every morning.

We cannot make sure that you eat warm and nutritious dinners.
We can make sure you are never hungry when you are at school.

Your mom doesn’t pamper you and gently comb your hair each morning.
But, a hairbrush and pretty bows can be waiting for you at school.

We can’t keep your house neat and clean or keep your laundry freshly washed and folded.
However, clean clothes can be ready for you at school so you feel like the beautiful girl you are.

We cannot make you feel safe at night at your house.
We can make sure that you are continually reminded how strong you are.

Sometimes you feel like you are what they call you, that you are dumb and worthless.
But you can blossom at school and discover who you really are.

Your family may feel stuck and hopeless.
We can help you understand that there is a whole world waiting for you with unlimited possibilities for your future.

We cannot fix things that are beyond our control.

But we can take advantage of all of our minutes together.

To be a shield against the scary things you see.

To help you believe in yourself and have hope for your future.

To help you feel strong and to know your value.

Now that we think about it,

There is so much we can do for you.

We can be your shield.

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