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Why Don’t You Cry Anymore, Student of Mine?

Why don’t you cry anymore, student of mine?

You looked so scared that first day of school.

I didn’t know how to help you.

So I started with a side hug and

I told you how glad I am that you are in our class.

When you wouldn’t talk to me or join the group,

I knew you needed time to learn to trust me, to trust us.

You didn’t smile

When I shared about my family

And my fascination with funny cat videos.

You did smile

When I held your hand on the slide.

You started to feel better after you made a friend

And then another.

I told you about all the good things you were doing.

I ignored many of the other things you did,

Because I know you behave that way

For a reason.

You didn’t cry the second day.

And by the third day,

You looked up at me,

Your grin going from ear to ear,

And handed me a note.

It said, “I love you.”

I think that means that

You know that

I love you too.

8 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Cry Anymore, Student of Mine?”

  1. AH!! You always make me cry!!!!! Beautiful!!! We are so lucky to have you, I miss you so much. I feel connected to you still because of this blog so keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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