Living Rich Doesn’t Cost a Penny

I was a Facebook-resistor for years.  I like living my life to be the best me I can be, not comparing myself to others. So, I stayed focused on the 4D real-life going on around me.

I assumed that people would post amazing stuff going on in their lives and leave out all of the bad stuff, which would make their lives look perfect. My life will never be perfect, and I didn’t want to compare myself to that false image of their lives. 

But, my imperfect life is a rich life. Not rich in monetary terms. Rich in the emotional sense. 

I get to experience deep joy and heart-warming moments. Belly laughs are a part of my daily workout routine. I try to live in a state of gratitude. 

I also experience gut-wrenching sadness, disappointment, stress, self-doubt, even sometimes self-loathing. I cry at the weirdest times.

But, that is how life is. To be able to know the joyful highs of life, one also must know moments of deep down lows.

My son was really sad the other day when he was saying goodbye to people he loves because he didn’t know when he would see them again. In those moments, I attempt to teach him to be grateful for the sadness. To let it wash over him, to really experience the moment. To appreciate that it means he loves and he is loved. Because the high of love comes with the low of sadness. And not only is it okay, it is necessary to live a rich life.

My kids whine. I run short of patience. My husband is grumpy when he wakes up. My dog has his own agenda 99% of the time. My life is imperfect. Just like yours. Yet, I wake up everyday grateful for this rich life full of highs and lows. I smile because it makes me feel good and it helps others. And my superficial side thinks a smile looks much better on me than a frown.

So, Facebook, I have ended my resistance and I am happy I joined you. I appreciate seeing posts from people I love and admire. I am often inspired by them. 

But, Facebook, you did prove me right. I see many sugar-coated posts or negative ones that blame others. The most inspiring posts to me are the ones that say, “You are not alone. I am not perfect either. Just trying to enjoy my ride on crazy train too.”  

I wonder, will our next generation understand what living a truly rich life means?

A rich life is a deep life, confronting the spectrum of emotions with a grateful heart. Happiness comes with moments of sadness…to experience the highs life has to offer, you must know the lows. 

6 thoughts on “Living Rich Doesn’t Cost a Penny”

  1. Interesting. I try to be real no matter what in my posts, and I feel that the majority of my friends do the same. And then I have some who constantly share the negative, rarely the positive. My life, in general, is a happy one. It is not without struggles, that’s for sure, but I try to focus on the good as much as possible.

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    1. Appreciate the push-back Renee. Your thoughts helped me clarify my thinking. I edited my post a bit hopefully to better match the message. I see your honest and raw posts and appreciate them!


  2. It’s easy to get caught in the FB highlight reel comparison game. Nice reminder about keeping it real. Everyone is dealing with something.

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