Fueled by positivity, stalled by negativity

Running down the road listening to some of my favorite jams, I feel like I can do anything.

Sometimes, however, my mind slips.

I start thinking about an endless to-do list that I face when I get back home, or the money I wanted to save this month but didn’t, or about something frustrating that happened at work.

Before I know it, I am walking instead of running. Feeling weak instead of strong.

Sometimes this happens subconsciously…one minute I am running and the next I am walking. I don’t even know why until I review where my thoughts went. Then I remember. They went to a dark place and my body weakened.

My body is strong enough to run for miles and miles. I have to make sure my spirit and my thoughts are strong enough to keep me going in the right direction.

The power of positive thinking is a gift to ourselves–a gift of strength, courage, and perseverance. And it is not to be underestimated.

Principals, what does this mean for us in our work with teachers?

Teachers, what does this mean for us in our work with students?


1 thought on “Fueled by positivity, stalled by negativity”

  1. I always love your questions, they always make me think. We are all bound to be distracted as Administrators or teachers, if we are PRESENT with staff and student we can help bring out the best in them. Your positivity is contagious and is reflected in teachers, in turn passed onto students, a WIN/WIN.


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