Buy your Emotions Deflector Today!

One moment you are approaching your day with a cheery disposition and then BOOM! you run into someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You walk away from their grumbling with a lump in your stomach and you realize you’ve lost the bounce in your step.

Why do we let others do that to us?

Now, there is a solution to this age-old problem! For a low, low cost of four payments of $9.99 + S/H, you can purchase the amazing

The Emotions Deflector will allow you to resist succumbing to the emotions of others. No longer will your grumpy co-worker ruin your day. No longer will the negative emotions and complaints of others affect you.

You simply wear the Emotions Defector under your clothing. Then, when Mr. Grumpy Pants approaches you, say to yourself,

“I am wearing my Emotions Deflector. This guy does not own my feelings. I own my feelings. I don’t have to take on his feelings.”

Next, express empathy to Mr. Grumpy Pants, offer help, smile, and wish him a wonderful day. BOOM! You walk away feeling good about yourself and keep your positive approach to the day.

If you act now, a special bonus will be thrown in! Your smile and cheery disposition will positively affect Mr. Grumpy Pants! After your interaction, he will think to himself, “I feel so much better. I am going to be like {insert your name} and approach the day with a great attitude!” He then smiles and bounces along to his next task.

Don’t delay! This two-for-one special won’t last! Act today to get your very own Emotions Deflector!

Works great with spouses too!

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