Go Big or…Go Big

The stage is lit, and the sold out crowd waits impatiently for the first performance. Quincy Elementary teachers take their place off stage. The music begins, and then…magic!

In my first few days as principal of Quincy Elementary in 2014, I attended the first Dancing with the Teachers practice of the fall. In short, Dancing with the Teachers (DWTT) is a “Dancing with the Stars” style competition that is a fundraiser for our district high school dance program. High school seniors choreograph and coach the teacher groups. 

I never say no to the stage, and performing in my first ever dance recital at the age of 38 sounded great to me. I walked into the gym to begin learning our routine. Well, I learned more than dance moves that afternoon. I learned so much about the crazy staff that I now think of as my family.

To the Quincy staff, this performance was just another in a long line of doing amazing things together. I was in AWE, watching the creativity, the way they inspire each other, how they say YES! to each other to the most ridiculous sounding things. In the end, it is a sight to behold…each staff member contributing in their own way. Want to see? Watch one of the many performances Quincy staff has put together:

Don’t take my word for it…I just joined the Q-crew two years ago. Here is what Quincy teachers say about the special thing they have together:

  • We started out “small” waaay back in the day and always try to out-do ourselves the next time. We realized a long time ago that doing big things like this is really about making memories and building our joy together! 
  • We do these unbelievable things because we dream big. We don’t ever take a challenge lightly. We always put 100% effort into something that represents our school. We do these things because we like each other and even if we don’t hang out together outside of school, this provides us with even more “team” camaraderie. We do this because we are kids at heart and love to have fun together. 
  • We have created an atmosphere that encourages risk. Our relationships make it easy to try new things because we know we are in it together
  • Quincy is VERY unique because something very special happens when you open up a building together. We came from all different schools, all different stories, and all different personalities. Some of us were told we had to move to this new school, some chose. Regardless of that, we started from the beginning and started to form what Quincy was going to look like. We melded together and became family. I look at it and I’m amazed that I have been blessed with over 10 years with some of these people. We have cried together, laughed and supported one another, through good and bad. I’m so happy that I finally came out of my classroom to meet these unique souls. Together these people would have inside jokes or continue to drive to make it “the best ever” and for many, it was something that they wanted to be a part of and participate in. When the new staff would join, they would see these relationships, and it was something that they too, wanted to be a part of. In so doing, our family grew and became even better. Goodness, we even have had staff that left, but simply missed “us” and came back! I do believe that having so many “over the top” men/women who always to go “over the top” with everything we do whether it is lessons or parties also adds to what makes Quincy special.
  • We are close enough to appreciate these moments and get all sappy with each other!
  • As one of those people that “came back” I feel SO lucky… those of us that have been together since Quincy was “born” are starting to realize time is passing and we have been through SOME STUFF! 
  • We may have our trials and tribulations, but together we are an amazing group!

As you can see, I have the BEST job in the world. The special chemistry Quincy staff has together means they are creative and willing to take on the world for their students. It also means that they are not afraid to question me or each other about what is best for students. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so proud of them!

Here is Quincy’s 2016 Dancing with the Teachers performance. Another winner!

Q-Crew, you are the best! Simply Q-inque! I love you!

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