Life is such a head game. We have control of what we let in.

The worst enemy you have is right in your head. -unknown

This morning I learned just a little bit about the life of Florence Foster Jenkins. She aspired to be a singer, she was a singer. She just…well, she sounded like this:

Florence loved music, in fact she was a child prodigy pianist who played for the president of the United States at one point. As an adult, she injured her arm and turned to singing.

The thing I love about Florence is that she did not let ridicule or others’ opinions stop her from doing what she loved. Yes, she may have pierced a few eardrums, but she also brought joy and fun to many lives. Including mine today.

She didn’t just sing in her kitchen while doing dishes, she worked her way to perform at Carnegie Hall at the age of 76. She didn’t just do what she loved, she did it ALL the way. Unabashedly, confidently, unapologetically.

Florence could have let criticism stop her, she could have let her confidence slowly ravel away until she stopped singing. Instead, she charged forward and is remembered to this day for her spirit, determination, courage, and her persistent pursuit of what she loved.

She ignored her critics, the naysayers and she DID it–all the way to Carnegie Hall. Imagine what we could accomplish if we could ignore critics and naysayers completely. Of course, Florence had moments of self-doubt, but she didn’t let those moments cripple her momentum to pursue her dreams.

Life is such a head game. We have control of what we let in.

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Blog image: Leonardo Da Vinci Face Proportions, source: click here

4 thoughts on “Life is such a head game. We have control of what we let in.”

  1. This is so good, Allyson. We will have moments of doubt (some moments longer than others), but we must continue to take action. Action creates courage! And we must remember that we control our actions as well as what we allow inside our heads.
    Thanks for sharing!


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