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Feeling dog tired, worn out? Students are too.

Suffering from sleepy eyes, shuffling feet, depletion of patience reservoir, general irritableness? You are not alone! Your students are feeling this way too.

You have worked hard this year, stretched your creativity, gotten to know your students as people and learners, you have earned those sleepy eyes!

Think about how far your students have come since the beginning of the year. They have put in hard work, long hours, and stretched their creativity too.

The solution to ending the year shedding tears of joy rather than frustration? Have fun together! Find a project to get excited about together. The options are limitless, but here are just a few examples.

  • Come up with a service project to do together–make it your mission to brighten the days of elderly people at a local nursing home, clean up and beautify a spot on your campus, increase the amount of time you spend with older or younger “reading buddies” to extend into other areas of learning.
  • Ask students what they want to learn, and incorporate those topics into reading, writing, science or social studies curriculum for your last units of study this year.
  • Pick a student a day to share his/her passions. They will inspire each other to explore other interests, and soon they will have lots of time to spend on those activities.

Other ideas include daily dance parties, reading lessons outside, anything to add novelty, variety and FUN into your days. Keep in mind that if you are having fun, there is a much greater chance that your students will be having fun too.

You can do this, I believe in you! Make your hard work pay off in a year that ends with all of you wishing for more time together.

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