Student Empowerment and Relationships

‘Twas Technology Class

‘Twas the night before…well, it was actually this morning…when my observation did feature
our spunky little technology teacher.

Much to my delight,
I stumbled upon a beautiful sight.

Fifth grade students were settling snug into a chair
When a wondrous excitement buzzed through the air.

On Chatterpix, on Google Slides, on iMovies and more,
The students were given choices to explore.

“Take a moment to dream about your final product before selecting your tool,”
Said the bouncy-haired technology teacher of the school.

In walked the students’ brawny classroom teacher with a bound,
And he set upon a mission to hand out artwork and explorer information as he walked around.

Original artwork! How merry!
They researched explorers in their own class, it wasn’t scary.

After directions, they got straight to their quest,
And with the wink of an eye, students gave it their best.

So one might ask: why technology? why choice? why student creation?
Anything’s possible when we use our imagination!

Just peek at the twinkling eyes that appear
When two teachers collaborate and learning became something all students cheer.

Thank you for sharing my beautiful sight…
Happy creating to all, and to all a good night!


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