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Why Don’t You Cry Anymore, Student of Mine?

Why don’t you cry anymore, student of mine?You looked so scared that first day of school.I didn’t know how to help you.So I started with a side hug andI told you how glad I am that you are in our class.When you wouldn’t talk to me or join the group,I knew you needed time to… Continue reading Why Don’t You Cry Anymore, Student of Mine?

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Who Controls You?

Why do you answer the phone? Because it rings, right? Or, do you answer it because you want to talk to the person calling you? Is all behavior purposeful, or are we simply responding to what is happening around us? Let’s look at an example and see what we think. A young woman, in her… Continue reading Who Controls You?

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3 Easy Steps to Calm Confrontation

Someone is heading for me…I can tell because of the squinted eyes that are locked on me. I see a gait that is determined and quickened. Is there smoke coming out of their ears? Uh oh, what do I do… Have you been there?  I certainly have…in my personal life and in my professional life.… Continue reading 3 Easy Steps to Calm Confrontation