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Mixed feelings about the end of summer are absolutely okay.

In our neck of the woods, the new school year is about to start. For some, it starts tomorrow. For others, it starts within a week or two. For everyone across the nation–students, families, and staff alike, the start of a school year has already happened or is happening very soon.

When you hear things like, “I cannot wait for the first day of school!” does your brain go, “Oh no, summer is about to end!”?

When people share their hopeful wishes for the fresh new school year, do you start calculating how long you’ll have to wait until the next glorious summer?

Do you feel a little guilt about dreading the end of summer because you love your students and your profession? You have been spending hours upon hours getting ready for the new school year, and you are excited, but…you are also sad about losing the freedom and family time that summer brings.

Guess what? You are completely normal.

Typically, even when educators say that the first day of school is their favorite day of the year, they also love the last day of the school year and really enjoy summer. They miss summer when it is gone. Actually, your students are better for your love of summer. If you spent the weeks of summer strengthening relationships with your loved ones, resting, and refueling your soul, your students are in for an amazing school year with you. And, who wouldn’t be a bit sad about the end of those sweet summer days?

Personally, I love not having to set an alarm, I love having time to read books just for pleasure, and I love the extra time with my sons. I will miss summer and I look forward to being back together with my school family. Anyone else have so much work to do that your anxiety level is a little high? Anyone else still need to do back-to-school shopping? I have a beautiful mess of mixed feelings. And that is okay, absolutely okay.

Mixed feelings are normal. Teachers feel them, support staff feels them, students for sure feel them, and families do too. Let’s not add guilt to the list of emotions we are feeling about the new school year. If you ever need a reminder that your mixed feelings are absolutely okay…email me at I gotchu.


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