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Allow Yourself to Feel Bad

Have you ever heard about something amazing someone else was doing and thought to yourself…

It’s so frustrating, I could never do that.

Have you ever watched a video about a cool new teaching technique and thought to yourself…

I can barely keep up with what I am already doing, much less add one more thing.

Have you ever tried something new, something out of the box, and had it totally fail, and thought to yourself…

Well, that confirms it. I am a failure.

If you answered yes to one of these questions, please stand in line behind everyone you know who also answered yes. Then, look around. Standing in line with you, you will see the people who look like they have it all together. You will see the people you admire most in the world. You will see people who are brave, who are daring, who never seem to let anything get them down. Standing right next to you. Feeling those same negative thoughts you do.

I give myself this surprising advice: allow those negative feelings to happen. Understand that they are a natural response. Know that you are not alone, that everyone has the same natural response when they encounter something new. Once you work through the negative feelings, you can let the new idea sit, to stir within you, to attach itself to current practices to make them better. Slowly shift to begin to embrace the new learning or new idea and it will soon become a part of you.

No need to freak out in the meantime. You are amazing just the way you are…bad moments and all.

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3 thoughts on “Allow Yourself to Feel Bad”

  1. Love this advice Alyson- so helpful to have us all remember we are ALL trying to grow and we all have different strengths.


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