From Here to There

From here to there.
We will get there from here.

It might take awhile.
We might cry more than we smile.

Life is a roller-coaster for sure,
Some parts will be nothing but a blur.

We are here, right here.
And we will get there.

It may be a there we never imagined.
It might be a future we would’ve never fashioned.

Yet, one thing is always within our control.
We can travel in a way that is true to our soul.

We can drag ourselves along or we can skip,
We can light the way for others on our trip.

Relationships can become stronger along the way,
Or we can break the bonds that help us get through the day.

Will you become a better person as you travel,
Or, will you slowly unravel?

There is no doubt.
Getting there is the only way out.

How you travel your path from here to there
is completely your affair.

We are here, right here.
And, one thing is sure,
We will get there.

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