What if we give her the attention she seeks?

My girl.

She is in third grade.

Was not allowed back to her old school.

Too many days of suspension in first and second grade.

Her dad has cancer and she knows he doesn’t have long to live.

They don’t have much, but they have each other.

Just the two of them,

For now.

The weight of the world is on her shoulders.

It could crush her,

But it doesn’t.

She enters school most days with a smile from ear to ear.

How does she do that?

To keep her spirits high throughout the day,

She needs so much love and attention.

She will do anything for it.

Even hurt others.

What if we give her the attention she seeks,

Without having to misbehave to get it?

What if every time she comes to the office,

We have a bottle of water at the ready

For her.

Or snacks to tame her hunger?

What if we Band-Aide her imaginary wounds?

Ask how she is feeling?

Listen to her.

Make her feel special and heard.

What would happen then?

Would she thrive in her classroom?

Would she feel a pride in herself that she never even imagined?

Yes to that, and so much more.

She would see a future

That is bright

And limitless.

It takes just minutes a day

And an open heart

And no preconceived notions

To change someone’s life.

My girl?

She’s worth it, every minute.

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Want to learn more about how we helped my girl? Message me.

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