Ever Flash Your Brights?

Ever drive down the road at night and get annoyed by a passing car with their brights on?

Have you ever flashed your brights in annoyance, only to have the driver flash back to prove their brights weren’t on?

Did you feel like a jerk? Wish you hadn’t flashed your brights?

Ever have someone falsely “accuse” you of having your brights on? Did you get defensive in a ridulous way, a surge of emotion totally uncalled for in that trivial situation?

We don’t like to falsely accuse, and we don’t like to be falsely accused. 

So, let’s not.

Sound good?

People don’t need our judgement, they need our understanding and grace.

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3 thoughts on “Ever Flash Your Brights?”

  1. This is so true. We are too quick to judge. Great reminder to pause when we are getting frustrated and not make a snap decision.


  2. Don’t forget when someone flashes their brights at you,it might not be about you. It’s also a sign that danger, obstruction or something else could lay on the roadway ahead. So don’t get angry, get prepared.

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