The Bright Flame of Hope

When we have hope, we have everything.

Hope is like a candle burning within, sometimes a bright flame and sometimes a little flicker. When there is hope, there is potential, there are dreams, eyes are bright and looking forward.

We all face times when hope is about to be extinguished, when that last wisp of flame slowly burns out. Doubled over with the gut-wrenching feeling of the single ember that remains.

In those times of despair, hope can only come from within, from faith in the person you are. Know that there is an element of control in your grasp, always.

I get to chose the person I want to be. I can approach life, through the ups and downs, in the manner I choose.

In sickness, in health, in relationships struggles, down to the lowest of the low like losing the people you love the most or doubting your own dreams, you get to be you. No matter what. Every day.

Light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. -Eleanor Roosevelt

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