Is the honeymoon over?

The honeymoon is over, eh?

Now that we have several weeks of the new school year under our belts, the spit-clean shine on the faces of all those children has faded and reality sets in. At first we thought we were blessed with a class, a school, a district full of little angels. Then the cracks began to show through–a little disrespectful look, then a “NO!”, and then running out of the classroom when they are upset. Oh no! And we had such high hopes!

I am pretty proficient at assuming positive intent with adults. I can easily see how hard the adults at school work for the students, and I know the difficulties of being a parent. Do we afford our students the same luxury? Do we assume positive intent with students?

In my nearly two decades of being an educator, I cannot remember meeting a student who was naughty to be naughty. The students I work with are behaving for a purpose. They want control, they want to feel like they belong, they need freedom, they want to have some fun, or maybe they are just hungry (or is that h-angry?). They want to be good, to be praised, to be loved, they sometimes just don’t know how to get there.

Don’t they deserve us to give them the same benefit of the doubt that we give each other?

Presuming positive intent is one of the pillars of Adaptive Schools.

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1 thought on “Is the honeymoon over?”

  1. Allyson,
    We are also at the end of the honeymoon as well at my school. I’m so grateful for your reminder that all behaviors have a reason and a cause. Once we build those trusting relationships we can find those root causes and hopefully make a successful year for ALL our students.


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