I am a work in progress. So, I write.

I logged into my bank account on Friday morning and realized that things were not at all what they should be. Someone had made charges to my account, and the money I had in there to pay my bills was gone.

I called the bank and got the process to reverse the fraudulant charges started. Then, I seethed. I was unsettled by this violation of my security, by the ease in which someone could take the money that my husband and I work hard to earn, that the upcoming plans we have for our sons may be jeapardized. I especially don’t like problems that I cannot solve…I needed help from my bank to fix this one.

I had a few quiet minutes to myself and I opened up my blog. I read words that I had written about focusing on what you can control, letting go of what you can’t. I read about being positive and looking for the good in even the strangest places. I read about waiting for the storm to pass, and how things that seem horrible right now don’t seem so bad in a few hours, days.

Sometimes my attitude stinks, sometimes I need reminders, and this is just one of the reasons I am so grateful that I started to blog. I write to hold myself accountable, I write to lift expectations for myself, and I write to share the method to my madness with others.

So, I followed my own advice and focused on the positive and what I could control. I still wasn’t happy about the violation and fraud, but I was pleased that I discovered the charges right away and that I had help to get them reversed. It is still a work in progress.

I am still a work in progress, always.

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