Just wait, the storm will pass

Just wait Allyson. The storm will pass.

I came home and noticed a towel in a strange place…under an artificial plant on my favorite little side table. Hmmm…

Upon further investigation I saw that someone had watered my fake plant and left the towel there to soak up the water. The table had been damaged by the wet towel. I sighed.

I asked my sons if they had watered the fake plant. They said no, so it must have been my husband. Inside I felt a storm brewing. I was really excited to have that table be a statement piece in a room of our new house. Now, it was ruined.

Just wait Allyson. Don’t cause a storm.

I decided that instead of getting upset, I should appreciate that my husband watered the plants when I was gone for the weekend. I complimented myself on my fake-plant-buying-skills, must be a great looking fake plant for him to think it was real and water it. Maybe the cute table wouldn’t look good in that room in the new house anyway. I kept it in perspective and moved on.

When I woke up the next morning, I glanced at the little table and did a double take. The water spot was gone and the table looked perfect.

This is a small and insignificant story, but the learning for me is huge. Whether a big storm of negative feelings or a small storm, I need to wait to react, hold off on the explosion. Wait ten minutes, one day, put it off for a week, whatever needed to handle the situation in a way that is helpful for me and for the people around me. Chances are that I won’t feel like exploding at all after the waiting period. Or, the problem will disappear like the damage on the table. Or something will distract me and I won’t even care about the “problem” anymore. Or unfathomable evil will happen in the world and I will focus on being thankful for what I have rather than being negative about trivial things.

Just wait Allyson. In the meantime, smile, laugh, dance a little.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain. -Vivian Green

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3 thoughts on “Just wait, the storm will pass”

  1. Relevant on so many levels. Your title had me right away, and even though it was about a water mark on a table, it made me stop for a moment and think about my current “storm.” Thank you!

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