Just Love Them…Every One of Them

Two boys…one is gregarious and loving. He gives spontaneous compliments and is a great conversationalist. The other doesn’t smile often. With this second boy, one cannot see what is beneath the surface because of the prickly exterior. 

Who deserves our love more? Who needs our love more?

Two girls…one wears the same clothes several days in a row. She struggles to learn, often forgetting what you worked so hard to teach her the day before. The other girl, she seemed to step right off the pages of a fashion magazine and practically bounces through life. She catches on so quickly and helps her friends.

Who deserves our love more? Who needs our love more?

Quiet students, class clowns, quick learners, struggling learners, students who live with two parents, foster children, everything in between. There is a magic in loving ALL of them.

We know in our hearts that they all deserve our love and need it most when they are struggling. Let’s make what we know in our hearts match what we show on our faces, what we say, and through our actions. Smile first, seek to understand, assume good intentions, and listen more than we talk.

If we look with our hearts…

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” -H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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