What Is Your Top Ten?

“If they don’t stand for something, they will fall for anything.”  -Gordon A. Eadie

What do you stand for? Who are you as an educator?

I have been working with my staff to come up with our school’s “30-second elevator story” and we have a solid shared vision that will continue growing and evolving as we grow and evolve as a staff. It got me thinking–what is my 30-second story as an educator?

I admire people who whole-heartedly know exactly what they stand for. I don’t think I have that crystal clear vision of who I am and what I stand for. Or do I? I was brainstorming ideas, and I came up with this top ten, in no particular order. 

  1. Strong positive relationships
  2. Need-satisfying environment for students and staff
  3. Supporting student emotional intelligence and character development as much as academic growth
  4. Empowering students to be curious life-long learners
  5. FUN, including lots of laughter and light-heartedness
  6. Assuming good intentions
  7. Continuous improvement
  8. Listening to understand
  9. Looking for strengths
  10. Solution-oriented, keeping problems small

I know I will refine this list and change it as I continuously learn and grow as an educational leader. Educators out there, I am curious, what is your top ten? Comment on this post or share your top ten on Twitter and include @allysonapsey.

    8 thoughts on “What Is Your Top Ten?”

    1. Allyson,

      Great list and nice reflection on what is important to you as an educator! I’m in the process of refining my Leadership Vision through the Leadership Matters cohort. More on that to come:) keep up the good work!


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    2. I love this idea Allyson!
      Here are my thoughts on top 5

      1. Help every student believe & know that they matter to me and I care about them.

      2. Make the most challenging aspects of learning achievable and think positively about those challenges.

      3. Accept mistakes. I love them. They are real, they show thinking & they help us revise our thinking and improve just by learning from them.

      4. Know and understand we are all unique individuals and that’s what makes us awesome! We all have hearts and we all deserve respect.

      5. Celebrate learning. Celebrate goals and achievements, celebrate overcoming obstacles, celebrate the little things because to some… The are BIG things..

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    3. What a great list, Allyson! It looks like you have a great vision. Number 8 stands out to me. So often people just wait to speak or listen to hear but don’t listen to truly understand. It’s a hard skill to learn but it certainly helps people become more present in their own lives, thus building those healthy relationships. Glad to have you in the Compelled Tribe and can’t wait to read more!



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