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My Christmas Tree is Still Up

It is February 1st…and, my Christmas tree is still up.

Just in case I have ever given anyone the impression that I am perfect, here is the proof.

I try to come across as the real Allyson Apsey, flaws, misguidance, and all truth as I see it included. I believe that all works of fiction should be clearly labeled. I am also well aware that sometimes people post only the good stuff and leave out the bad. My purposes for writing are many, some purely selfish for reflection and some much more altruistic. Maybe something I share could help someone else. That would be cool.

(I thought altruistic started with a “u” until I just googled it.)

I don’t think putting a persona of perfection out there is all that helpful for others. I am willing to share my mistakes and failures for the learning (and maybe entertainment) of anyone willing to read what I write.

I aspire to be a better person everyday. To learn from my mistakes and make incremental improvements until I reach a goal. Then, I set a new goal. I am in the struggle, just like we all are. I just really really enjoy the journey.

Excuse me while I wrestle a sock away from my dog. Happy to be able.



3 thoughts on “My Christmas Tree is Still Up”

  1. A friend of mine just posted that her tree is still up too. Just make it a Valentine Tree.

    My tree was taken down the day after Christmas only because Alden wouldn’t stop knocking it down. But, I have a mountain of laundry in the living room that has been sitting there all week. 😏 I appreciate you being real.


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