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So I Am Having a Bad Hair Day?

I tried out quite a few different types of jobs after high school as I figured what I didn't want to be when I grew up. Before I discovered that I am a teacher, I tried my hand at being a bank teller. I had fun at that job because of the people I worked… Continue reading So I Am Having a Bad Hair Day?

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Breaking News…8-year-old Calls Snow Day

The winter storm caused heavy snow that fell by the inches, and the roads were getting treacherous. Most people were hunkered down at home for the night, maybe under a cozy blanket, staying safe and snug. Many students and school staff were performing rituals in hopes of a snow day—PJs on backwards, flushing ice cubes… Continue reading Breaking News…8-year-old Calls Snow Day

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…And Then I Was

A feedback story, as a student: “You are a good writer. Would you consider tutoring students in writing at the Tutoring Center?” Then, I was. A good writer, even a teacher of writing. That was all it took. I was a junior at Grand Valley State University. It is the only time I remember a teacher… Continue reading …And Then I Was