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Two Words I Stand For At My Standing Desk

How does a school leader know what staff and students need in order to continually improve?  Two words…be everywhere. Simple, right? Of course, this sounds simpler than it actually is. My goal each school day is to be in as many places as possible throughout the day, and I have made a couple choices that… Continue reading Two Words I Stand For At My Standing Desk

Student Empowerment and Relationships

‘Twas Technology Class

‘Twas the night before…well, it was actually this morning…when my observation did feature our spunky little technology teacher. Much to my delight, I stumbled upon a beautiful sight. Fifth grade students were settling snug into a chair When a wondrous excitement buzzed through the air. On Chatterpix, on Google Slides, on iMovies and more, The… Continue reading ‘Twas Technology Class